Who We Are

Houston Design Construction is a professional middle to upper design and construction company. We are a retail contractor in Houston, Texas, who specializes in the provision of actionable and highly affordable solutions to all restaurant building and construction challenges in Houston. Houston Design Construction as a construction company Houston was created out of passion for solving the ever-increasing construction needs of people living in and around Houston; and are interested in the services offered by a trusted general contractor, for all their building projects.

We pride ourselves with transparency and integrity. Our skill level in restaurant construction cuts across the length and breadth of the locality to ensure every client’s satisfaction.



We are an all inclusive design and build company. Our workforce consists of highly professional and certified individuals, who have taken their time not just to understand how to offer design services in Houston, but also to relate well with all customers by coming down to their level, understanding their construction needs and proffering solutions on the best ways to overcome these challenges. This allows us to be highly time efficient and control project cost. Through our “client-first” approach, HDC can provide compettive lower bids from our competitors. From estimating to close-out, the end product has both the client’s and our best interest. We pride ourselves with innovative methodology, while maintaining sincerity with a personal touch. We work and grow in conjunction with our clients. Close collaboration between our designers and builders create an integral team that delivers the recipe for your success. Your success is our signature.