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Houston Design Construction specializes in general contracting services. From concept to development, we have a core specialty in restaurant and custom commercial structures nationwide. We provide design ideas, drawing, permit, construction and inspection. Having worked in numerous construction ventures, our work includes middle to upper class restaurants, hotels, motels, offices, commercial bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. We deal directly with material suppliers, kitchen equipment suppliers, warehouses, showrooms, and licensed distributors to offer our clients the best price.

Whether it’s European, Chinese, and/or Southeast Asian construction materials, we can custom order containers for any specific projects per client’s request. We offer a “one stop source” from start to finish. This allows us to take responsibility for the quality of the delivery of the whole project, while being cost efficient. Our service is measured by quality project delivered on time and within budget. HDC’s sole mission is to make it work for you.





From motels to high-end hotels, Houston Design Construction has the expertise and resources to meet the specific needs for hospitality construction. We bring together the top professionals with years of experience to complete the job. The essence of hospitality emphasizes dwelling atmosphere and service. Our team understands the special needs and requirements pertaining to hospitality.

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Houston Design Construction is a national restaurant design and build company. With an extensive list of clients, HDC has established itself as a credible authority in restaurant design and construction. We understand the necessary requirements of restaurants, from aesthetic and functionality, to expansion. From the initial idea sparks generated on paper, to the last touch-up stroke of paint on a wall, we will work in tandem with you to deliver your key concept

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Your working environment is a reflection of your brand. It should be professional, welcoming, pleasant, and productive. From offices, to warehouse, remodels to ground-up design and constructions, Houston Design Construction offers a complete service for all commercial projects. From design through construction, we can provide bonding, permitting, all documentation and inspection for the job.

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